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Karen Passmore on Transactional Analysis in Coaching

Different strokes for different folks

28th April 2018 from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Alte Feuerwache

Melchiorstraße 3 50670 Cologne

Kleines Forum

Imagine you are walking along the street and see your neighbour. As you pass each other you smile and say “Good morning” and your neighbour smiles and replies “Good morning”. All very normal, right? We are so familiar with this kind of exchange that we don’t really give it a second thought. But imagine this scene again. Imagine you are walking along the street and meet your neighbour. As you pass each other you smile and say “Good morning”. Your neighbour however walks past you and makes no response at all. How would you feel? Like most people you would probably be surprised at first and then the voice in your head would be asking “What have I done?” or “What’s her/his problem?”. This is because we all need strokes and if we don’t get them we feel rejected. Eric Berne, the father of Transactional Analysis, referred to this as recognition hunger and believed that the giving and receiving of strokes through contact with others is at the core of our emotional development. In the 1970s Claude Steiner developed Berne’s stroke theory, believing that the understanding of our own stroke economy was the first step to emotional competence, coining the phrase “Different strokes for different folks”. This work shop will be a practical exploration of your own stroke economy which will hopefully send you home with lots of warm fuzzies to share with your students on Monday morning.

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About Karen

As a native Scot, Karen Passmore graduated in 1989 with a BEng in Electronic Engineering from Robert Gordon’s University Aberdeen. Not wanting to miss out on the traditional adventure of a gap year Karen set out to Egypt where she was employed by International House, Cairo and took her initial RSA exams in TEFL. In 1991 with a background in Engineering and teaching Karen arrived in Munich and began what turned into her career as a Technical English trainer, working for BMW and later setting up TARGET GbR, an English School in Munich with John Sydes.

Karen then took time out to raise her children, which unwittingly schooled her in an abundant amount of skills which she uses today in her daily teaching. Since 2010 Karen has lived in Essen and works closely with Energy and Engineering businesses and as a Freelance lecturer at universities in the Ruhr area.

In January 2015, Karen completed a two-year training as a Transactional Analysis coach and has implemented her knowledge into both her daily and working life. Karen has also recently completed her MA in Applied Linguistics at the University of Nottingham.

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