How to watch British TV online

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Are you missing your favourite British series? Do you wish you could show British TV to your students? Here are a number of ways to access British channels over the internet as suggested by our members.

Watch British TV live -

At you can watch free (and legal) British television. Just click on UK Live TV and you can get all British channels live. Amongst others, you can also watch Australian and Canadian channels live. is also available as an app for smartphones.

Access British TV on demand

If you want to watch TV on the internet as if you were in the UK, with BBC iPlayer and ITV Player, for example, you need the internet to think you're in the UK. You need a VPN (a kind of proxy-server), but they are easy to use and there are many free ones too. They have the advantage of hiding your IP address, i.e. an extra level of security and cutting out a lot of adware, and you can also view YouTube videos that you can't watch in Germany. They also work for American TV.

TunnelBear -

TunnelBear is free to use for up to 500 MB per month. There are options to pay more and further options for smartphone use.

ExpatShield -

Try this site for free and legal masking of your computer’s id. ExpatShield assigns a UK IP address. Simply download it to your computer and use the desktop icon to connect and disconnect. It also protects your computer from attacks.


One member recommends VPNUK, which is available for about € 7 per month via paypal.

iPortal -

Another member has been using iportal for a few years due to its quality and service. It costs € 50 a year.