Code of practice



This is a set of professional principles for teachers of English as a second or foreign language subscribed to by members of the English Language Teachers’ Association – Rhine e.V.

  • We have a serious commitment to the success of any course undertaken.
  • We bring a professional attitude to our teaching, maintaining good standards of punctuality, course planning, lesson preparation and record keeping.
  • We keep up to date with the latest methods, materials and media in English teaching and use them as appropriate.
  • Student-related or company-related information disclosed to us during lessons is kept confidential.
  • We welcome the observation of lessons by, and the discussion of teaching methods with, suitably qualified members of staff.
  • We encourage dialogue with students about our performance and the implementation of feedback.
  • We offer professional advice on the appropriate methods and course content based on initial and on-going assessment of student needs.
  • We recommend the use of written contracts.
  • As professional teachers we expect the appropriate remuneration.
  • We believe that a spirit of co-operation and openness among teachers promotes a better standard of teaching.

Aims of ELTA-Rhine

  • To provide a regular forum for the exchange of information, ideas and experience for teachers of English in the area.
  • To provide a local focal point for the pooling and exchange of resources and materials.
  • To facilitate social contact between teachers of English in the area.
  • To promote professional development and on-going training by organising such events as workshops and visits of guest speakers.

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