Johanna, George and Ron and I

Were chatting loudly– none were shy

When Khanh-Duc ordered QUIET PLEASE

(We obeyed ‘cos she‘s a real hard-cheese)

„You’ve met your table-mates. So now,

We’ll learn each other’s names somehow“


Sandra, Uwe and a Doll

Whose beauty had me quite enthralled, 

„I’m Mrs Phillip,I’m his wife“

„I’m Phillip. I’ve a happy life.“

„My name is Ken, but I’m a Pat“

Said Laura, „Me too. Fancy dat.“

How do your students compare

With an orange, grape, or pear?

And when you’re finished make a list

of things you do when you are pissed

off with orange pear or grape.

That’s how a workshop can take shape.

We were laughing, talking loud

When we were gate-crashed by a crowd

of people who devote some time

to teaching kids in Palestine.

Some charming young folk showed a play

And though it sounds like a cliche

For though they live in such far parts

They zoomed directly to our hearts


The raffle was a huge success

The ticket callers were the best

Everybody won a prize

Khanh-Duc should be lionized

The grub was great, I had the fish

But all were happy with their dish

And then we parted from new friends

ELTA-Social dividends.


Before I go, I have to drool

The new Website looks really cool.

A one-stop place for everything.

Thanks to all you folks who bring

The fresh effusions of your mind

Thank you. You are smart and kind.

– Lorcan Flynn