Whether you enjoyed a vacation or ‘staycation’ this autumn I sincerely hope that it’s reinvigorated you and got you into the right frame of mind to tackle the challenges of the final month of 2021 with fresh hope and enthusiasm.

Everyone has had the chance to be double vaccinated, I have had my two jab and it certainly makes my working life easier as if I hadn’t I would have to be tested every other day!

During the long months of the Pandemic many of us have had to reshape the delivery of our services, learn new skills and discover more creative ways of working, new skills that will continue to serve us well in future. Online teaching is not perfect, but it does have some advantages, it’s good to now have this as an additional string to our bow.

I’d also be very interested to hear about individual members own experiences of how they personally adapted to the challenges of the last eighteen months or so, and what changes they introduced to their teaching methods – perhaps someone with particularly interesting experiences (good or bad) will let the magazine features editor know, so that an article can be included in the next newsletter?

As part of our own efforts to adapt and overcome, ELTA-Rhine has learnt to be adept at offering online webinars on a variety of diverse topics, and on behalf of you all, I would very much like to thank our Events Team for their splendid effort in making this possible. Judging by the ones that I’ve participated in, and the positive responses I’ve received, they are something that many of our members look forward to and enjoy. Thus ‘virtual’ forums are likely to remain a feature with us long after all Covid-19 restrictions finally get lifted and will continue to be run in parallel with more traditional face-to-face events.

All the best to you all,

Rosemary Bloy

Chair ELTA-Rhine


Photo by Alex Padurariu on Unsplash