From the Chair – a letter from Rosy
Well, it’s not all bad, we may all currently be feeling a wee bit down-hearted during this period of Covid lockdown, but it`s not all doom and gloom, thankfully there is light at the end of the tunnel. Spring has arrived, and with the warmer weather we should be seeing a decrease in the infection rate, helped by the albeit slow roll-out of vaccines. With this comes a return to “new normality”-maybe not entirely like things were in the past,but at least we are able to visit the hairdresser in preparation for the welcome resumption of classroom lessons once again.
For some of us, particularly freelancers,the winter has been a period of long and hungry hibernation, please feel free to get in contact if you are feeling particularly down or despondent; the Association is happy to offer you whatever emotional support we can. On Slack you have the opportunity to seek advice or for ideas and material others have found useful.We have just formed, for further contact and support between members, the ELTA-Rhine Google group E-List, as not everyone has joined Slack. 
This is our second online newsletter and the electronic means of communication allows more frequent and interesting interaction with our members. Any contributions in the form of a short article or other items of interest for inclusion in future newsletters will be most welcome and should be forwarded to
The next AGM is scheduled for 17th April and will be conducted virtually via Zoom once again so I hope many people will take the opportunity to participate. If anyone has any matters they  wish to  to to be discussed, please bring this to the attention of the Commitee as soon as possible. 
Finally, we are currently looking to construct a new improved website;so if any of you would be willing to join a team to help co-ordinate this project please contact me
Stay safe and keep looking on the bright side
Rosemary Bloy
Chair ELTA-Rhine