Dear Members,

Now well into February we trust you all had a good start and got your ball rolling already, with new hope, ideas and aspirations for 2022. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce this year’s Elta-Rhine editorial team to you. Last year we started off with Rosy, Khanh-Duc and myself. This year, we are pleased to announce that Victoria Sheppard, an experienced business English trainer, has joined our editorial team. We are very excited to have her on board and the editorial team is looking forward to mining and sharing ELTA’s collective training expertise via our quarterly member newsletter and on Slack too. So…to keep that ball rolling…..let’s look at:-

What you are passionate about?

Ask yourself…

What makes me do my job? What am I really good at? What else would I like to incorporate in my services? How does my life experience contribute to my value? How do and could I present myself?

Consider the following…
  • What does the customer need – what pain points do they have?
  • Pricing… what is my value?
  • How can I demonstrate my value versus price?
  • What do I do to increase my value – what do I really offer?
  • What attributes do trainers need?
  • What do I do intentionally or unintentionally to make my learners learn successfully?
  • Do I actively participate in personal development?
And what’s a good trainer worth?

* Who and what kind of client do you want to work with?

  • What do they want from you?
  • How do they perceive your value?
  • How do you address their pain points?
  • What are they prepared to pay for your services?
What about sharing your thoughts here?
Marketing oneself – trainer branding and positioning
  • How do you demonstrate and market the value you offer to your clients?
  • Are you happy with your pricing and your clients?
  • Does your client believe you are worth your weight in gold?
  • Is there a balance on both sides?

Successful communication is a two-way flow, so please feel free and inspired to throw creative arrows, darts or spears in our direction, to land beautifully in the centre of collaborative ideas and goals. Please share your thoughts here as shared knowledge amplifies collective growth.

Let yourself be whisked away to share your expertise on the ELTA-Rhine Slack platform. Select from:- jobs, events, webinars and info… and best of all please voice your opinion!

Have a wonderful inspirational and healthy 2022!

With best wishes

Your ELTA-Rhine editorial team